Great tea party kid don’t get cocky

One of the things I absolutely love about baseball is the lack of a clock. Unless you have rain or extra innings you can't win without getting 27 outs. That means even if you have a 10-0 lead after one you have to get those 27 outs. Even more important is the fact that if … Continue reading Great tea party kid don’t get cocky

Maybe the Madonna can save me $2000 a year!

Blogging will be kinda light today as I will be at St. Anthony di Padua Church in Fitchburg working on today's Madonna della Cava mass and procession and the party etc afterwords. The procession with the Band, Banners, et/al will start at 10, followed by mass, free food and music and closing with a Rosary … Continue reading Maybe the Madonna can save me $2000 a year!

“They’re our troops now”

Byron York illustrates why he was such a loss to National Review and such a great pickup for the Washington Observer. What's truly striking in Greenberg's poll is the degree to which the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have fallen off the progressive radar. I attended the first YearlyKos convention, in 2006, and have kept … Continue reading “They’re our troops now”