Can you help Randy Altschuler in NY-1?

In a conference call with the ACU I was able to talk to Randy Altschuler the republican in NY-1 who currently leads the count in that district by about 600 votes.

The machines in Suffolk county have been impounded and they are being audited right now, so far no problems have been found in machines. In addition 11k absentee ballots are still to be counted and there is a slight advantage in republican ballots to be tallied.

The other side is as you can guess is suing to force a full hand recount of all ballots. As you might realize one of the strategies for stealing an election is to keep recounting until you can disqualify enough ballots of your opponent or allow enough ballots of your own to be counted till you get a lead and then stop at once.

As you can guess this is a cash intensive problem to pay for lawyers and watchers to make sure everything remains on the up and up. Can you help?

You can contribute online at Randy’s site here or if you wish you can send checks to:

Randy Altschuler Recount Fund
PO box 657
Stony brook NY 11790

Your help can make all the difference between a seat going to our sides or theirs.