Smitty may God bless you

There were a lot of touching Veterans day posts today but the most touching was Smitty's announcement of his last post for the duration of his deployment. I've been aware of his impending deployment for a while, things being how they are in Afghanistan REMF or no there is not guarantee of safety anywhere in … Continue reading Smitty may God bless you

Fatwa on Bruce Majors? Then I am Bruce Majors!

Got an e-mail today informing me that another American has a FATWA against him: Moslems in Eritrea, following MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's lead, have declared Jihad against me, a "racist American homosexual," because of my Visitor's Guide to DC for tea partiers attending Glenn Beck's and other rallies The tea party is made up of people … Continue reading Fatwa on Bruce Majors? Then I am Bruce Majors!

The unknown debt

As the TV droned the Nurses aide Came to clear the tray No note of the ancient Who seemed a world away Down at the park the gang hung out Sampling their weed With no thought to the wizened guy Whose bench was near the tree The teller felt her day crawl on As the … Continue reading The unknown debt