Republicans Learn Democrats do not

An excellent example of why Republicans are better than democrats. They can Learn, to wit Mitch McConnell: "Make no mistake," he added, "I know the good that has come from the projects I have helped support throughout my state. I don't apologize for them. But there is simply no doubt that the abuse of this … Continue reading Republicans Learn Democrats do not

This is just wrong

As you know I'm very Roman Catholic. I've argued that "Gay Marriage" is just an exercise in narcissism and have absolutely no problem with the Church's doctrine on homosexuality and I stand by that. However this is simply wrong: Arab and African nations succeeded Tuesday in getting a U.N. General Assembly panel to delete from … Continue reading This is just wrong

More of the same please

This is exactly the type of thing the congress needs more of: Rick Crawford, Arkansas’s 1st District: founded and operates AgWatch Network, which syndicates agriculture news programs to 49 radio stations. Jeff Denham, California’s 19th District: operates Denham Plastics, a company with $4 million in annual revenue and 10 employees that manufactures agricultural shipping containers. … Continue reading More of the same please

Off to the Studio to record some ads

So blogging will be light this morning. The premiere of the show is 78 hours away and I can feel it. Unless you have a pre-recorded ad that can be sent today its too late to get a new ad on the show this week but there is always show 2 featuring The Lonely Conservative. … Continue reading Off to the Studio to record some ads

Here comes the lawyers to NY 25 via Live at 5 reports that the lawyers are in town: Cars with Maryland, Michigan and Kansas license plates are parked outside the Wayne County Board of Elections in Lyons, a rural Erie Canal crossroads between Rochester and Syracuse. Inside, lawyers for U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei, D-DeWitt, and challenger Ann Marie Buerkle are seated … Continue reading Here comes the lawyers to NY 25

I guess Charles must have missed one.

Stacy McCain notices what a difference 4 years has made in the mind of Charles Johnson. Apparently when he wiped his archives he missed a post because the this link that I've kept in my blogroll still works to wit: The above post is on my blogroll under "Honorary Lizardoid Rush Limbaugh" and still links … Continue reading I guess Charles must have missed one.