Planned Parenthood Protest in Worcester today

Today a large protest was held in front of Planned Parenthood in Worcester.

there were people on all sides of the street:

and a lot of school kids:

All around the Three point line

they stood and prayed:

Led by Bishop McManus who talked to me:

Along with a Nun from the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

After a while police showed up:

Lot’s of Police

The officers weren’t allowed to speak on camera but they said the Planned Parenthood folk called, because of people crossing the line to get from one group to another and because of the bullhorn. Apparently you need a $25 permit to use one at a protest in Worcester.

The Police informed them they could only cross the line if they kept moving, or if they were crossing at the crosswalk. In the end a SWAT officer and a sgt also showed up.

Neither would talk on Camera. The police carried themselves professionally and seem to know the protesters weren’t there to cause trouble but were obliged to call when the security people rang. To enforce the signs.

Three cars remained by the time I left.

I then crossed the street and talked to Rob Murphy of Problem Pregnancy:

Channel 3 Worcester showed up and asked for permission to use my material from Tuesday which I granted. The Telegram also had a story today, (registration required) and channel 5 called just after I talked to Mr. Murphy.

Meanwhile the more restricted protest continued:

As I was leaving I talked to a lady who worked at the medical building between Planned Parenthood and Problem Pregnancy they hadn’t heard about the vandalism till I told them, but expressed a dislike for the 3 point line that keep the protesters in front of their business that has nothing to do with anything.

The contrast and the irony was not lost on me 5 police cars and the press present to protect a rich organization that gets millions from the government from people praying with nuns, priests and schoolchildren in broad daylight in front of an organization that with the press in attendance. On the other hand an organization that operates strictly on donations, staffed with volunteers gets a rock through the window and threatened with arson and rocks through the windows nowhere near the response or the press.

Funny old world isn’t it?