Jon Huntsman and the fickle media

For several months we have seen the spectacle of the media promoting first a Jon Huntsman candidacy for president

We have seen him handicapped ahead of others who now lead.

When Huckabee decided not to run they talked Huntsman. He went on Comedy central where the GOP is mocked.

We’ve seen the him touted by as proof of what is wrong with republicans in Vogue and be the source of a Democratic Highlight reel.

We saw Dave Wiegel talk of his his disdain for House Republicans and his seeking the GOP nomination by courting non-republicans.

Though all the media praise, however his poll numbers just didn’t match the hype but that didn’t stop the MSM from pushing him and having him on their shows. All of them touting him as a “sensible conservative” alternative to Mitt Romney.

Now the numbers are slightly different. The media does not see a “nameless not-Mitt” at the top of the heap, they see Newt Gingrich an experienced pol of long standing who for all his faults is a skilled and able in the art of political warfare.

Given that situation and given the media history of the last several months, the I’m sure the Huntsman campaign expected yesterday’s event to be huge. The Media’s favorite Republican Jon Huntsman taking on the ultimate liberal boogyman mano a mano in New Hampshire, the state where Hunstman has put all his eggs in the basket.

It should have been perfect for the MSM, Huntsman looked presidential:

The crowd was good

It drew press:

And not only did Huntsman came across as strong, knowledgeable and a viable GOP alternative…

…but it was full of substance, that which he media supposedly craves.

Yet this morning I didn’t see any clips on MSNBC, I didn’t see any commentary of Huntsman standing up to Newt. I heard a lot of talk about people voting for Ron Paul 3rd party if Newt wins but nothing.

Governor Huntsman must have been scratching his head this morning. Where was the coverage? Where was the attention that the adoring media has showered upon him in the past? Cripes Hot air covered it more than Morning Joe.

Why this answer is this story.

After dodging the question twice in two days, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman appeared to shut the door on running as a third-party candidate for president, if he doesn’t become the Republican presidential nominee.

“I’m not running as an independent. I’m not running as an independent,” Huntsman told reporters after a town hall meeting this morning. “I don’t know how many times I have to say that.”

This is the first time Huntsman appeared to completely rule out a run outside the Republican Party, and it’s his most definitive answer to date. Previously, the former ambassador to China seemed to leave the option open, saying he was running in the GOP and planned to win the Republican nomination.

Governor Huntsman seems like a nice fellow and is likely more conservative that he lets on, but he was played by a Journo-listic MSM that convinced him there was a demand for his candidacy. When he came into the race he was used as a stalking horse for the entire GOP field. He could count on all the air time he wanted as long as he was hitting his fellow GOP candidates. And even as he failed to catch fire beyond a high single digit in New Hampshire he could count the MSM to give him some air time.

Not anymore.

The race has changed, damaging Mitt Romney is no longer the priority. Mitt has to be propped up, nurtured and saved. The left understand as it always did Mitt is the weakest possible candidate to face Obama in 2012, not only for the White House but for congressional candidates too. Jon Huntsman is a candidate designed to take votes from Mitt and damage him, but they MSM don’t DARE let Mitt die, not if it raises Gingrich.

Huntsman’s performance yesterday does nothing to make Newt less popular, but would certainly impress potential Mitt voters. A month ago when Newt wasn’t on top that might be fine, today, it doesn’t serve his purpose.

Now that there is no chance for him to be a 3rd party candidate for liberal republicans who dislike Obama’s policies to vote for there isn’t even that reasons to have him come. The only other alternative is for him to play the Stephen Schmidt position as a “former GOP presidential candidate” on a panel. There is a reason Morning Joe was talking Ron Paul today.

Jon Huntsman is an intelligent and accomplished man and if by some miracle he is nominated I will have no problem voting for him over Obama but as far as the MSM is concerned I believe they think he’s outlived his usefulness and he may only now be figuring out that his friends in the press have been taking him for a ride.

So let this be a lesson for any future person thinking of running for the GOP nomination someday in the future. The MSM is not and will never be your friend and if you think otherwise then you have no business running for president.