Update Day 13 40% down $1305 to go

3/30 Update: Yeah the fund raiser is still on but I wanted to update you with thanks for Sue and Kathy 42% down $1265 to go.

3/26 Worse News Mechanic says $700 will get me 7 months tops, will look for cheap replacement when back from DC still $1305 to go with 40% of base goal down.

3/23 Bad news Car goes into shop and furnace goes, good news thanks to Jerold we have broken the 40% barrier $1305 to go

3/21 After two slow days a good bump. Thanks Leslie 39% down $1335 to go just a nudge more will get it over the 40% mark.

3/19 Starting the day with a little from Sue 34% $1435 to go and she also links Thanks!

3/16 My thanks to Eric, Chapman Kevin Bob, Mary and Sissy for getting me to 34% $1445 to go and a thumbs up to Stacy for the link

Update 3/15: The ides of March starts with Gaston 24% down $1660 to go

Update 3/14: Started the day with a big Bump Thanks to Lisa & Tom 24% down $1670 to go
Update 3/13 Thanks to Rosalie today and Steve 14% down $1895 to go And thanks to The Lonely conservative, Smitty and the Liberty Network for shoutouts.

Update 3: A big bump in the fundraiser Thank to Mark and Linda we are below the $2000 Mark 11% down $1950 to go. Day two ends with Bob kicking in to get me up to 12% with $1930 to go.

You might recall I made a reference to my current financial situation last week in the middle of a series of post. Usually when one holds a bleg you tend to push it to the top and promote it via e-mail etc. I decided to hold off because I thought the news of the week trumped my situation for the readership and with folks like my friend Zilla in straits I hesitated to push my situation in a heavy way, but the bottom line is asserting itself so it’s time to speak plainly.

As I’ve already stated the radio show has managed to pay for itself and even managed a small profit last year, but it still hasn’t been enough to pay for the support of the house. I closed out my last 401k with the intention of using that to cover extra expenses for about six months as the sales team to kick in to sell out the show allowing me a small paycheck.

Unfortunately a hitch kicked in on the sales team delaying things a month or two, meanwhile in addition to the Laptop issue the Washing Machine broke needing replacement, the oil whistle (required to prevent a spill that would bring the FDA to the house) required fixing and of course there thanks to the increasing price of oil and gas the bills for these commodities have been prohibitive.

And then my wife’s work hours were cut just in time for the increased oil bills and the taxes

Bottom line the reserves that I counted on to hold me at least through June have an excellent chance of being exhausted early and if one of the any one of the 12+ year old cars go much earlier and if it wasn’t for the kindness of my reader Dan from Fitchburg and this old laptop XP laptop blogging would be at almost a standstill. I’m not in a position to make a passive bleg.

So this is going to stay on top for a bit as I try to hit my $2200 goal, I’m hoping to make the goal by the 20th and any help you can give would be most welcome. I’d like to think I provide value to the conservative movement through the blog, but also general value to all my readers from my coverage of events to my diner reviews.

Update: Thanks to Joseph we are at $60 just under 3% of our total. Update 2: And thank you to Bob for making it over 3% BTW once we get to 5% I’ll put the updates on top and at 10% I’ll shrink the post.