We are dealing with the Child of your Lord, not some Bush Girl

Sir Charles of Bixby: (to his fussing son) “It’s simply a case of someone climbing up a tree an em…

Reeve: “..and risk a broken neck for a cat?”

Sir Charles: “Devoted liegeman YOU are!

Bailiff: One of the serfs?

Sir Charles: (pointing to Tom the serf) C’mon you, up there fetch him down…

The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Final Tax 1957

There are two aspect of the entire “Obama daughter vacations in Mexico” story that I really object to.

The double standard concerning the coverage of Obama’s daughter vs the coverage of the Bush Daughters. It would seem that when their Lord wishes to change the rules of the press, the media facilitates them:

Bailiff: If I might suggest Sir Charles, by common law he can be declared legally dead by a corner’s jury.

Sir Charles: Really? Good. I appoint you corner, and your you’re a juryman and you.

Serf: (interrupting) Excuse me my Lord, doesn’t it have to be after a certain amount of years?

Sir Charles: I’m not going to wait about for years, you’re a juryman…

If the Bush White House asked the press to scrub stories concerning their daughters the media would be screaming about an “imperial presidency” and “freedom of the press”. Under liberal feudalism the press owes Obama service and MSM nothing is too good for their Liege Lord who rewards them.

This is of course egregious but it is Claudia Rosett (via Glenn) who beats me to the punch of the real outrage of this story:

…these Secret Service agents have been sent to provide security in Mexico, where the State Department warns that due to transnational criminal organizations, “crime and violence are serious problems throughout the country” including “homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjacking and highway robbery.” State reports that “gun battles have occurred in broad daylight on streets and in other public venues, such as restaurants and clubs.” Of particular concern are “kidnappings and disappearances throughout Mexico,” with local police in some cases implicated. State adds that U.S. government personnel and their families “are prohibited from travel” to some of the most dangerous areas. And though the holiday destination reported in the vanishing new stories is not on the list of Mexican provinces totally taboo for personal travel of government personnel, State warns that in Mexico, “even if no advisories are in effect for a given state, crime and violence can occur anywhere.”

…and for this vacation whim of his daughter two dozen secret service agents plus support personal are dispatched to a country that the state department warn against travel against. Ms. Rosett asks the question about both this and the disappearing stories:

In the terrible event that State’s warning proves relevant, and in the course of doing whatever it takes to provide security, any of those 25 or so American Secret Service agents are wounded or even killed in the line of fire, would the White House still consider the context a non-story? Would it be irrelevant that they had been asked to run such risks not to safeguard official business, but to enable a personal holiday trip to a place under a U.S. government travel warning?

I can see the speech that the president would give at the funeral now. I suspect it would sound something like this:

Sir Charles: ” What can we say of poor Tom Joyner? That he lived out his life in that station he was born, and that he died the finest death that a bondsman can die, doing boonday work for his lord.”

This is the real story here. To the White House, these secret service agents are just serfs (Remember Ron Silver’s: “Wait a minute those are our planes now!” at the time of Clinton inaugural?) and as serfs any risk that they take are simply the proper service a serf does for his liege Lord. Our friends on the left style themselves the protectors of the weak but I suspect if you take a peek at this episode Sir Charles and his crew will look awfully familiar:

I suggest that after Jan 2013 with a Republican in the White House the treatment of government workers as serfs will abruptly cease and that the press will join the side of the outlaws in the forest and loudly trumpet their courage in doing so.