Cause Meets Effect in Wisconsin

Today is election day is Wisconsin and we have a great example of the law of cause and effect.


Democrats in Wisconsin are busing in supporters from Minnesota today for the recall vote against Governor Scott Walker.

On Twitter Democrats say they are driving in from across America.


Madison City Clerk: Turnout Is On Pace To Reach 119%

Gee how could this be possible, perhaps a trip down memory lane would help explain it:

Last year, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed voter ID legislation, which naturally resulted in a lawsuit being filed.

On Tuesday, Dane County Judge David Flanagan issued a temporary injunction against the implementation of the law.

Here’s something the Judge failed to disclose:

Nearly four months before he signed off on the poorly edited order granting a temporary injunction against Wisconsin’s new voter identification law, Dane County Circuit Judge David Flanagan scribbled his name on another important legal document:

A petition urging the recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Glenn Reynolds comments:

I’m sure the Justice Department, which is “monitoring” the election, will investigate these claims with characteristic diligence.

Here is the transcript of the call detailing what is happening

Hey a party willing to harass the family of a black political activist to keep him quiet is certainly not going to be afraid of this kind of stuff.

Update: More from Pundit press including this interesting account:

Third, and more horrifying, comes this account from the website Free Republic. A voter went in to cast their ballot, yet was faced with a 25 minute wait. After looking around, this person found out that the hold up was due to “non-medical personnel” demanding that elderly people vote for Tom Barrett. The “helpers” were screaming the f-word at the folks and telling them to defecate on themselves. Eventually, they realized that they were being listened to and chased off the voter. But that was after physically threatening them and breaking their phone.

and Ejecting election observers Madison

after call can’t have them asking questions about that 120%

Update 2: MSNBC calls it at 9:50 or so for Walker, Schultz is still in denial but for some reason they won’t call the Lt. Gov race with the GOP candidate leading by over 100k votes with 22& reporting