Unbelieving Priest’s/Ministers out? I’m all for it…

In the HotAir headlines comes this story from CNN about a “coming out” group for unbelieving ministers/priests

During his speeches, he talks about the process of leaving his preacher job. “If you don’t believe, then you will be like me – you’ll suddenly find yourself where you only have two choices,” DeWitt told a group in Johnson County, Kansas, earlier this year.

If you are being paid as a preacher and you don’t believe the honest thing to do is leave, of course that presupposes you are not there to make trouble or to feather your nest. As Father Z points out it is not uncommon for such folks to reach high position and have to be removed with as the Cardinal said:

“Among the apostles one out of twelve betrayed, and today among the successors of the apostles the average is certainly no better.”

I suspect a lot of businesses would be very happy to have a mere 8.3% failure rate for employees.

“You can either be honest that you don’t believe … or you can pretend that you do,” he said. “Which is what so many people are doing and that is called faith.”
Hey it’s a matter of simple truth in advertising. In Protestant denominations ministers are generally paid by their congregation. To be holding the job as a non-believer is not only fraudulent, it is taking a job that belongs to an actual believer.

After all as Christ himself said

Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’ Anything more is from the evil one.

Matthew 5:37

As for Mr. DeWitt’s situation, well that’s a subject for my next post.

Note there is a difference between leaving a position as a minister, a position of teaching and leading and leaving the church outright.