Da TechGuy fundraiser Goal $3000

Regular readers of this blog know that I make my living off the radio show and the blog. I’m not one t0 rattle the tip jar daily but the bills and expenses of this business continue to exist and have been daunting.

When the commission sales team that was supposed to come on board fizzled things became complicated combined that with expenses that have left me without a vehicle I’ve had to scramble to keep up the Quality & volume of the blog and the Under the Fedora while having time to solicit sales.

This year the hit numbers have been good and I’d like to think the coverage has been as well.

But none of this is possible without the money to make sure the bills are paid.

If what I’ve done is of value to the conservative movement and advancing our cause I’d like to ask you to kick in.

My goal of this drive is $3000 this will allow me a month’s grace with the basic show/coverage expenses that I have for a month in case there is any issue that comes up. UPDATE: GOAL #1 MADE 8/1/12

If I can raise $7500 I can have that month’s grace AND get a half decent used car that will allow me to cover stories without depriving my spouse of her vehicle.

If I can get the number to $10,000 Then I can have the month’s grace, the used car and have some reserves for when the winter heating season comes along.

And if I can somehow get it to $20,000 then I can do all that and with my wife’s pay AND support my family for the rest of the year.

I’m not so sanguine or unrealistic that I expect to make that final number easily, but if this site, and my show are to get to the next level I have to increase revenue without increasing the number of hours in the day.

For a larger political Pac that is a drop in the bucket but until the day comes when such a buy comes I’m afraid I’m simply going to have to shake the tip jar:

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated and if the monies permit I’ll see if I can do something along the lines of Stacy’s mugs.


This next section is for those who might have a SuperPac or a Cause and have four figures or more to spare.

For $1200 I can make the charity of your choice the “Show sponsor” for the 2nd hour for a month (4 min of ads per show) , this will include a link to said charity on the site for the same period of time with the caveat that said charity is not diametrically opposed to my Catholic faith (for example a protestant ministry is fine, a pro-abortion non-profit is not)

For $3600 I can do the same for 3 months and have you on the show for a segment to push said charity or cause or your group’s position

For $6000 I can do the same for 6 months and include three visits with at least one of the with you as co-host

And $10,000 will get you a full year at least two co-hosting opportunities

Now if your conservative group wants to pick up something like that even as much as $20,000 worth of show & blog advertising I can do it (My full price sheet is here) That will do more for the conservative cause than investing in Charlie Crist or Dede Scozzafava ever did.