“I’m not sure the White House wants to own it” Democrats meet Pyrrhus

On Morning Joe in the 7:15 hour David Gregory was asked by Harold Ford if Democrats will now be running on Obamacare. To those who have cheering the loudest over Obamacare being upheld, he answer was astounding:

He said congressional candidates in tough districts will not want to run on it and even the White House will may not want to own this issue, although they do.

Think about this all of you guys on the left who are cheering this morning and all you on the right who are glum. On the day when the Democrats should be in full celebratory mode, where the Morning Joe crowd is bursting with Schadenfreude you have the White House and congressional candidates running away after a huge victory. We haven’t seen anything like this since McClellan and the seven days.

Meanwhile Mitt Romney has raised millions in under 24 hours and at the same time the Democrats can’t pay for their own convention the GOP is spending $2.2 million to promote GOP house candidates ON BOSTON TV.

As General Nathanael Greene said after Bunker Hill: I wish we could sell them another hill at the same price.

Update: Just after I published this Eric Cantor on Morning Joe called this a Pyrrhic victory for the White House and Chuck Todd when asked directly by Joe Scarborough if the “Claire McCaskill will want to run on this.” Todd admitted she and others congressional candidates are being “very careful” on this.

I hope the democrats enjoyed their one night stand, because their party will be paying for it through November and beyond.

Update 2: Michael Graham gets it:

Keeping Obamacare alive means Mitt Romney still has this unpopular plan to campaign against, including the individual mandate, the most unpopular part (60 percent of Americans oppose it). Do you really think turning the mandate from a government edict to a massive tax hike will make it more popular?

Update 3: That’s gotta smart

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