Demoralized as hell: “There is nothing wrong with blowing up a bridge” edition

Via Lady Liberty 1885 we see that the media has figured out that the occupods who were supposed to be so useful for democrats in 2012 have turned out to be rather less useful than expected:

We didn’t really hear about their arraignment where they were charged with 11 counts each with bail at $1.5 million each, now did we? The national media mostly blew it off and have since swept it under the carpet, but the local media added just the right amount of spin

While the media has decided that occupods are no longer useful, this video shows they still have the idiot part down pat:


Maybe it’s just me but I think it doesn’t help politically to be the allied with people who want to blow up bridges on the national or the state level ( even if you provided the intellectual foundation of their cause ) so the media is making this a non-story but I can see the GOP ads now with images of President Obama, the MSM and Former Obama Official Elizabeth (Dances with Occupiers) Warren extolling the occupy movement, with the “There is nothing wrong with blowing up a bridge” line thrown in.

Cue the confident line:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

It’s going to be a fun election come November

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