It’s Everybody Laugh at Brett Kimberlin day….

the proud spirit cannot endure to be mocked

St. Thomas Moore

…well not really but I do have something to say.

I’m very delighted at Aaron Walker’s victory but the fact that he had to go though he had to go through months of this stuff, and the expenses involved in this is a national disgrace.

And it’s not over. Stacy McCain doesn’t have a fixed abode yet, Patterico, Erick Erickson and Wolfe’s swatters are still at large.

Nor has the investigation of this is not completed The Federal case is still progressing and Stacy McCain continues to unravel the web of Kimbelin Rauhauser et/al and knowing Stacy will NOT stop until all the cards are on the table and I will continue to press members of congress when I see them and candidates about the Swattings and what should be done about them.

Mind you it is still possible for these men to decide to simply be part of the political process and make a positive case for what they believe in and eschew the tactics they have used in the past. It would be a good thing if it was true. It’s also possible that the Swatter (s) can turn states evidence and put it all out there for the world to see.

All of that is for tomorrow, for Today Aaron Walker has won. Brett Kimberlin has been defeated and free speech rules so in that spirit I have this to say to the “gentlemen” who attempted to silence speech.

If you want more details to the story there is Walker’s follow up here, Stranahan’s story at Breitbart here ,Camp of the Saints here, Bill Jacobson here, Popehat, Hogwash and investors business daily

Update: Somehow a redundant sentence got in there, removed it.

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