Why what Romney said at the NAACP doesn’t matter

Mitt Romney gave a speech at the NAACP yesterday, he was booed for opposing Obamacare (widely reported), cheered for opposing gay marriage (widely ignored by the MSM) got a standing O at the end and his appearance is the fodder for a lot of talk from Rush Limbaugh to Politico (they misquote Limbaugh in their headline btw (surprise surprise) and Morning Joe…

…and none of it means a thing when it comes to black voters.

As everyone recognizes, a Romney speech to the NAACP will have almost zero impact on the number of African-Americans who cast ballots against President Obama

What Jennifer Rubin doesn’t say (and check out her excellent roundup of media commentary on the speech) is that what is going to matter is how the speech is reported to the Black Community by black media. And I don’t mean the folks that Lawrence O’Donnell suddenly discovered last night

The have been more than a few signals that Black Americans don’t need much of an excuse to stay home this time around. It is those members of the Black community Mitt’s message has to reach to be effective.

How will black media filter that message, THAT’s the 64,000 question.

Update: How does spin make a difference, here is a headline that will likely not appear in Black media:

Secretive Billionaire commits 5 million PAC dedicated to defeat popular national Black Officeholder.

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