Saturday Diners: The Broadway Worcester Ma

I haven’t done a new Saturday Diner in a while. Today we do the Broadway in Worcester Mass.

It sits the canal section of the city.

The Broadway is open for Breakfast lunch and dinner and holds about 80.

I was there before my show with Joe Mangiacotti of Out with Joe

You can find his dining out show Sunday’s at noon on WROL Boston.

Note that along with some interesting specials (prime ribs and eggs for example) including breakfast cocktail selections available.

Although I know Joe likes Eggs Benedict he decided to go with the Banjo ham and eggs special from the board:

I had the eggs over easy and sausage

What stood out to me was the toast, the bread was thick and tasty. Joe, a frequent guest at the Broadway, informed me it came from a local bakery. They as an all day establishment do accept plastic, the Broadway does. It’s also worth noting that Joe pointed out a collection of restaurants and watering holes opening in the area which seems to be an up and coming one for Worcester.

One final thing the Broadway is located at Kaplan square named for Sgt Harold Kaplan who died in England during World War 2.

We tend to walk by these memorials too quickly. After you enjoy your breakfast or lunch at the Broadway make sure you take a moment to look at the memorial stone and remember Sgt. Kaplan and the folks like him who never came home.


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