DaTechGuy on Da Top Conservative Blogs list at #139

Two very interesting things to note about the Updated list of top conservative bloggers put out by Doug Ross.

First of all I’ve made the list officially for the first time at #139. I’d like to thank all of my readers for their help in getting me there. With your help we’ll stay there and do even better next quarter.

Secondly do you recall this line from my under the Fedora Column Morale Ratings and Old Yellowstain earlier this month?

Robert Stacy McCain is now in his 48th day of covering the Brett Kimberlin story knocking off a total of 60 posts. Glenn Reynolds has instalanched him 42 times in that 48 days.

In my experience an Instalanche brings anywhere from 5000-10,000 hits the first day and say another 10-20% of that number the next, say 5500-12,000 hits overall, multiply that by 42 days and you get between 231,000 & 504,000 in 42 days.

Considering how much attention a single instalanche brings. Can you imagine regularly daily instalanches brings to a subject that people might wish are not discussed?

Apparently Stacy couldn’t because when he saw his ranking at Doug Ross he didn’t believe it not even after a correction dropped him to #67 from #34:

Frankly, I have profound skepticism even about the revised list: Does our traffic actually outrank, inter alia,, and the Media Research Center. I don’t think so.

42 Instalanches in 49 days. I believe it.

As I said that day:

Kimberlin must be kicking himself for contacting Mrs. The Other McCain’s employer.

That is pretty good revenge isn’t it?


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