Oswaldo Paya, Mitt Romney and a clear choice

Babalu Blog’s Val Pierto sent out this tweet this morning concerning the death of Cuban Democracy Activist Oswaldo Payá

As you would expect Babalu Blog has been all over this story With 19 posts since the story of Payá death broke

Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, an engineer and prominent figure in the political opposition in Cuba died this Sunday afternoon after a car accident close to Bayamo on the eastern part of the island. He was 60 years old.

According to sources from Havana, Payá, the founder and leader of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL), was traveling via automobile with three other persons when a truck ran into them and pushed them off the road, causing the tragic incident.

A death that “doesn’t pass the smell test

Consider the fact that Payá was in eastern Cuba, far from his Havana home, and that movement in Cuba’s police monitored for all Cubans and that certainly castroite officials in the area new a well-known dissident was in their province. Also consider the fact that there simply aren’t that many vehicles in Cuba, especially outside of Havana. That’s not to say there aren’t accidents there, most of the vehicles and roads are in disrepair, but the castro dictatorship doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt in these cases. “Cuba experts” often accuse the US of being stuck in a cold-war mentality vis-a-vis Cuba but the truth is it’s the other way around. Staging accidents to kill political opponents is not beyond the pale for this gang of Stasi-trained thugs.

I hate to admit it but Val’s right and I’m guilty. Until right now I haven’t said a word about Oswaldo Payá’s death. But do you know who has:

Mitt Romney today made the following statement on the death of Cuban activist Osvaldo Paya:

“The cause of freedom in Cuba has lost one of its strongest voices and respected leaders yesterday. The news of Osvaldo Paya’s death is profoundly heartbreaking and infuriating. The circumstances surrounding Mr. Paya’s death again raise questions about the pattern of conduct by a despotic regime that is constantly seeking ways to annihilate all internal dissent while the world stands in silence. The international community should demand that the facts concerning Paya’s death be accurately determined and that the surviving witnesses be protected. Ann and I wish to convey our deepest condolences to the Paya family and to Cuba’s pro-democracy movement for the loss of Osvaldo Paya, a man of extraordinary courage, conviction, and peace.”

When the likely next president of the United States openly questions if the Castro regime murdered Osvaldo Paya that’s a national story.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Monday that the death of a prominent Cuban dissident in an apparent automobile accident raises “questions” about the Castro regime’s potential involvement.

Particularly when you contrast it to the reaction of the Obama Administration’s response:

The Republicans’ remarks are in sharp contrast to the Obama administration’s more muted response, which offered no hint of allegations against the communist regime.

Of course they didn’t, why would anyone who has been paying attention expect otherwise?

As the president said in his new adwe have a choice between two very different plans for our country.” This event and the relative reactions to it, certainly confirms it.

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