Ma-3 GOP Golnik/Weaver debate DaTechGuy Coverage

Yesterday I went to Fitchburg State University to cover the debate between GOP candidates Tom Weaver and Jon Golnik.

When I arrived it was clear which candidate had more organization as a large standout for Jon Golnik in front of the venue.

and a fair amount of signs as well:

I interviewed one of the people standing out:

The number at the standout increased as the night went on.

Tom Weaver had already arrived:

I interviewed him before the debate

The Panel asking questions represented Fitchburg State which hosted the event along with the Sentinel & Enterprise and the Fitchburg Republican City Committee which sponsored the event.

I interviewed Professor Weizer before the debate:

along with Steve DiNatale the Democrat rep for Fitchburg:

I then saw Jon Golnek and he gave me some time before things started:

FSU’s president moderated the debate:

Unfortunately due to water main break phones and internet is down but a reporter from the Sentinel/Enterprise with an air card was live tweeting

The candidates sat next to each other

I took a pan of the crowd

and things got underway

FATV recorded the entire event, I recorded individual questions.

On Jobs

Budget cuts


Foreign threats

The department of Education


The Dream Act

Gun Control


and Debates

For two GOP candidates there was more disagreement that you might think. John Weston of Conservatively speaking commented on the debate:

In terms of substance the debate had plenty and the Fitchburg Committee and the Sentinel & Enterprise had reason to smile when it was done.

My take, I found myself agreeing with Weaver more than Golnik on issues like the ending of the Dept of Education for example, but I think Golnik got the better of the debate itself, he came out as more polished and was able to emphasis his strength such as endorsements and organization. Tom needed to establish himself as a viable alternative and seemed well received by the crowd. Both men had applause line and I suspect as Weaver suggested the organization will go to the winner.

In a way the race is much like Romney/Santorum early on Golnik has more resources and needs to demonstrate he can use an advantage to win, then pivot in the general to run an underdog (in terms of funds) campaign, Weaver needs to do more with less but if he can demonstrate that ability in the primary it will demonstrate he can do it in the general.

I’ve offered both candidates the show as a platform for a debate, if they wish it.

The next month plus certainly won’t be boring.


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