I’ll see your Cardinal Dolan and raise you a …Cardinal Dolan

Margory Egan told us all about “Catholic Watchers” today in the Herald:

Dolan also offered his services to President Obama, it must be noted. But Catholic watchers yesterday all saw this as Dolan making an offer he knew would be refused since numerous Catholic groups are suing the Obama administration over contraceptive mandates in Obamacare.

If only those ever so smart “Catholic Watchers” knew that Catholic believers and leaders like Dolan actual think they would not have been blindsided by this little announcement.

“Timothy Cardinal Dolan, archbishop of New York, has accepted an invitation to deliver the closing prayer at next week’s Democratic National Convention,” USCCB spokesman Joseph Zwilling said in a statement first obtained by Commonweal magazine. “As was previously announced, he will also be offering the closing prayer at the Republican convention on Thursday of this week.

Captain Ed employs a tad of Snark

At the time, Obama campaign officials said they would have a high-ranking Catholic offering a prayer in Charlotte. That turns out to be … Timothy Cardinal Dolan

before demonstrating that both he

The role of a bishop should be to promote dialogue, not to shut it down; to promote prayer everywhere and among all, not to selectively engage in it; and to remind people that faith is larger than politics.

and the Anchoress:

And there are lessons in what he is doing, for anyone willing to look:

1) He’s teaching that the shepherd must be in the field with all the sheep, even as they are warring. He must be there for the recalcitrant ones over there in the left field; and the skittish, distrustful ones in the right field. Maybe all of the sheep are out to give the shepherd a hard time, but he’s still got to be there, doing what he can, gently but forcefully, or they all perish to wolves and opportunistic predators.

2) If a man can’t even be in a room with some people without causing hysteria and hyperventilation among other people, then everyone needs to take a freaking breath.

3) Jesus went out among the sick and sinful — and we’ve got plenty of sick and sinful all over the place; no partisan tag required. And no, he did not treat the sick and the sinful the way he treated the moneychangers. Let’s remember that when he acted out in the temple, he was doing it with an authority that no one on earth possesses. So, those of you who will be satisfied with nothing less than Dolan making a corded whip and scourging your political opponents? You’re out of luck.

…clearly understand what faith and the mission of the church is.

Meanwhile why the reversal by the DNC? Why risk the absolute wrath of the Sandra Fluke’s the Feminists and so many on the left that will be absolutely outraged at his appearance of a champion of life and an opponent to so many there. Why risk having to restrain the crowd from making any kind of floor demonstration during his prayer?

I suspect it has something to do with this story:

The Democratic National Committee is raising a number of eyebrows after choosing to proceed with hosting Islamic “Jumah” prayers for two hours on the Friday of its convention,

and a desire to replace this image of the Democrat National Convention:

with this one

It’s that simple.

Exit question for Margery Egan, if the choice of Cardinal Dolan was:

a damning pick for Mitt Romney

what would she call it for Barack Obama?

Update: Instalanche, thanks Glenn, and a hat tip to Right Wing Granny who says this:

…well, these “Indigenous Muslims” (whatever that means) are going to hold their event some 3.5 mi. away from the actual DNC. They are not part of it or endorsed by it (DNC hasn’t condemned them either, for appropriating their name and giving a false impression).
They’d like people to believe they are part of the DNC, but the whole reason they have to hold their event that far away from the actual convention is precisely because they weren’t invited to be part of it.
So, they’re really a bunch of wannabes. And I’d be very surprised if they got a fraction of 20,000 people to attend.
Smoke and mirrors – bad people, to be sure (Siraj Wahaj), but not actually part of the DNC.

Doesn’t matter it’s the pictures that people remember.

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Update 2: Missed out the Hotair link, fixed. Sorry Ed

Update 3: Lisa Graas disagrees on both speaking engagments thinking it should be left to local bishops but absolutely NAILS it here.

Remember, our identity is in Jesus Christ, not disorders, not political parties, not anything else. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.