“Tokenism” is a liberal way of saying “Women and minorites are chattel who owe us their votes”

I just watched Mia Love’s speech and am listening to her interview now. The young woman’s family came to America 39 years ago from Haiti, with all of $10 in their pockets, and built a life.  They worked to send Mia to college; she obtained an art degree, got married, and moved to Utah.  Then, she was on town council for several years before becoming mayor (ousting the Democrat incumbent); she’s now running for Congress. Other GOP speakers include Nikki Haley (who won a four-way primary for the governorship of South Carolina), rock star Marco Rubio, Ann Romney, and rock star Ted Cruz.

In her remarks to the press, Gov. Haley stated that all issues are women’s issues, and that women are capable of deciding which issues are important for them to vote on.  The harsh reality that women’s brains can handle economics does not sit well with Ben Adler, who accused the Republicans of “tokenism“. Perhaps he thinks that Nikki Haley is only a token governor; that Marco Rubio is only an alleged Senator; that Mia Love is not really a mayor.  (Ted Cruz is obviously a token: Princeton undergrad, Harvard Law, Harvard Law Review, debate champion, Luttig/Rehnquist clerk, nine Supreme Court arguments, Texas Solicitor General, all before the age of 40… ohwaitaminute, the guy’s John Roberts without the blue eyes.)

Seriously, though, this “tokenism” thing raises my engineer/lawyer hackles.  As I responded to Adler’s article (and his moonbat commenters), women are not confined to a voting ghetto, allowed only to vote on specific issues in a specific, preapproved manner.  Susan B. Anthony did not fight for women’s suffrage so that I could outsource my thinking to men with half my native intellect.  This might come as a shock to sexist prat liberals, but my girly brain  can reason on economics, production, technology, the deficit, and the military.

I didn’t fight my way through a STEM field to be told that I can’t understand science and how the 2.3% medical device tax will affect technological development (“Just ignore those big numbers and vote for the party that gives you affirmative action, honey!” Adler all but says).  I didn’t make a name for myself in military technology to be told that I can’t vote for President based on who I think would be a better Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.  I didn’t graduate law school with honours to be told to not worry my pretty head about the expansion of the federal government and the blatant unconstitutionality of the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

“Tokenism”?  I know this might shock closet sexists and racists who think that voting the (D) makes that sexism and racism okay, but women and minorities do not owe you their votes.  The Republican Party: getting rid of chattel voting since 1861.