Ted Cruz’s “Evil Empire” moment

Brady: Does Right have no meaning to you, sir?

Drummond: Realizing that I may prejudice the case of my client, I must tell you that “Right” has no meaning to me whatsoever! But Truth has meaning—as a direction.

Inherit the Wind 1960

I was all set to write another papist piece this morning when I turned on the TV and saw Morning Joe all a twitter (although strangely not tweeting) concerning Ted Cruz.

During the party line vote in Committee that sent the Chuck Hagel nomination to the floor Ted Cruz did the unthinkable. He said aloud something everyone knew was absolutely true for the record:

Chuck Hagel is endorsed by Iran. Here is the clip from Cruz’s speech on the subject.

The reaction to Cruz’s words was incredible. It was called unfair, it was said we shouldn’t judge Hagel by those who endorse him, and Ted Cruz was attacked. His words were said to be inflammatory, uncalled for, extreme, improper and defamatory toward a person as honorable as Chuck Hagel.

Morning Joe particularly tore into Ted Cruz, he was portrayed as beyond the pale, as an extremist. He was mocked and derided and the entire Morning Joe table had a lot of things to say about what Ted Cruz had to say about Chuck Hagel.

In all of the words in all the critiques of Ted Cruz by the left in general and MSNBC & Morning Joe in particular there is one word that I noticed was missing from every statement hitting Senator Cruz for his statements on Senator Hagel:


The fact is Iran (along with North Korea) is the biggest terror threat to the United States and the President’s nominee for Secretary of defense has been endorsed by them. All of the brickbats thrown at Ted Cruz for saying it aloud will not make it any less true.

I was instantly reminded of another republican hated by the Media who once said a known truth aloud and was pilloried for it.

The simple power of being willing to say the truth aloud in the face of MSM critique is exactly the trait that the GOP needs the most. It is the trait that Ronald Reagan had and the MSM hated him for it. That Reganesque trait in Ted Cruz, a rising Hispanic star in the GOP, is why MSNBC in general and Morning Joe in particular are dedicated to destroying him.

Perhaps in 30 or 50 years when Ted Cruz is safely in his grave, the left will find reason to praise him

BTW here are Senator Cruz’s full unedited remarks for those of you who don’t want to rely on the TPM’s edited version:

Update: Just to make it clear it is Iran not North Korea who has endorsed Hagel.

Update 2: Instalanche (thanks Glenn) also changed the “That” to “The” in the paragraph starting with…The fact is Iran as better grammatically, also removed the word “dollars” below as redundant with the $ already present.


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