Kelly “The invisible Woman” Ayotte on Chuck Hagel

There are two ways to try to marganilize a pol you’re afraid of attack them or ignore them. With Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) the plan is ignore.

When Senator Ayotte raised Benghazi during the campaign, the media ignored her.

When Senator Ayotte continued to raise the issue after the election she was they continues to ignore her

When Senator Ayotte appeared with Senators Graham and McCain on the Susan Rice issue, the media pretended she wasn’t there.

When he kept up the attack they continued to look right through her.

Yesterday she raised an incredible point at the Hagel Hearings that nobody seems to have caught

Of course he also voted against a sense of the senate in designating the Islamic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization and he told us during the hearing that it was because of it was part of an elected legitimate Iranian government.

I don’t think that the people who rose up in 2009 in the green movement who were persecuted and shot at by the Iranian government would call that government a legitimately elected government. Nor would, at the time that he voted against designating the Islamic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization at the time they were assisting those in Iraq who were murdering our troops.

The video:

That is simply devastating. Yet it got absolutely no airtime in the MSM. Why, because it can’t be refuted, there is no way to describe that vote in a positive way and there was nothing in either Senator Ayotte’s demeanor nor her delivery that can be used to attack her on style or substance.

The GOP has rising female and Hispanic stars, the media has decided that the way to deal with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz is to attack attack attack.

On Kelly Ayotte, the plan is to keep her out of the news as much as possible so when she runs for re-election they can paint whatever picture of her they wish.

The left will always tell you who they fear. Kelly Ayotte is a Gem and in terms of the Northeast the brightest conservative star and the Media will do all it can to keep her light under a bushell

Here the her full unexcerpted speech: