Pope Benedict XVI the Holy Grandfather

I was talking to Roxeanne DeLuca yesterday about the Pope’s resignation and the discussion turned to what the ex-pope’s title would be.

on ETWN it was suggested he might be called Bishop Emeritus of Rome as he would be the retired Bishop of Rome but it occurs to me there is a better title that should be used” the Holy Grandfather.

It sounds like something silly but when you think about it that’s the perfect title for the retired Pope.

First of all he was still the Pope so Holiness would be a proper honorarium.

Plus consider what a grandfather is.

A Grandfather supplements a father. He is a figure of kindness wisdom and authority, a retired person of age with the knowledge and experience that comes with it. A person who loves both the father and the child with all his heart who both the child and the father will occasionally go to for advice and wise counsel.

But while the Grandfather has status he doesn’t have authority over the father who still makes the decisions. He doesn’t usurp the father, he knows that’s not his place, but he complements the father and aids him when it’s needed.

Consider what I’ve just said and look at Pope Benedict again. He’s simply radiates that Grandfather meme.

I’m sure the church will come up with something official when the time comes, but for my money they can’t do better than Holy Grandfather.