The Left will tell you who they fear, I’m most flattered edition

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Sir. Winston Churchill

Herod the Great: Like a newborn Scorpion (pressing and crunching his foot on floor) Underfoot!

Jesus of Nazareth 1977

One of the things conservative’s face once they break into anything resembling prominence is the totalitarian nature of the left.

Our friends on the left have never forgotten the rise of Rush Limbaugh, Fox news and the small media organs that compete in the kingdom of redundant noise they have created. The greatest fear is a charasmatic leader that may arise, thus the daily attacks on Sen Ted Cruz the attempted destruction of Gov Sarah Palin & the media blackout on Sen Kelly Ayotte.

On the media side it’s pretty much the same, When an Andrew Breitbart, Erick Erickson or a Dana Loesch arises they will do all they can to keep them off the MSM at best or silence them at worst.

I knew Andrew, I know Erick & Dana and I’m not anywhere near their league (yet) but yesterday my piece on Ted Cruz’s “evil Empire” moment brought the blog a lot of views. Combined with the Radio Syndication and the reach of the site getting longer it’s drawn some attention so the time has come to slow me down.

One favorite method is by the use of “Sock Puppets” Basically you create a pseudo identity to attack and engage on say Twitter in the hopes of filling one’s timeline with a lot of attacks. Such accounts usually have few followers and a bunch of tweets who’s only purpose is attack, but while that can be annoying it doesn’t have the knockout punch that a person might want, for that you have to have the person you want to go after take a proactive step that can be attacked.

Such a move took place this morning. Meet Bill E Bobb


Now Bill E. Bobb is the quintessential type of sock puppet account. You have no picture (unlike say spam accounts which invariably has the image of a hot woman) very few followers and tweets that a few and far between and only a single follower. Take a look at the tweets in the time line. It is so over the top racist that it’s virtually a John Stewart parody of what the left beliefs the right is.

I would have no idea who “Bill E. Bobb” even existed if it wasn’t for a comment waiting for approval when I woke up with morning.

The first clue was the comment was on a post from a few days ago concerning a post that deserved more attention on Dorner’s first victims: Monica Quan & Keith Lawrence who are likely going to be forgotten now that Dorner is dead. It included this picture of the two victims

Monica Quan & Keith Lawrence via Facebook & OC Weekly
Monica Quan & Keith Lawrence via Facebook & OC Weekly

The comment that was waiting for moderation was as follows:

blazzing saddles

and unlike the Honorable William J. LePetomaine

the sentence above was completed in full.

Now there are two possibilities here. The first is that this is a Sock Puppet account of a person who holds a deep hatred of Blacks, wants to express it, but doesn’t want to be associated with it.

The problem with that conclusion is as the photo indicates Monica Quan is of mixed race which makes the statement above nonsensical in addition to racist unless Bill E Bobb is looking at Miss Quan though the media’s George Zimmerman glasses that adjusts a persons race to suit their argument.

The second is that this comment is left as a trap.

One of the oldest tricks in the blog book, so old that people often forget it is to associate a comment with the author of a blog. Such comments are generally left in older posts that might escape notice by the blog’s proprietor and if the author is sloppy enough to automatically allow approval such a comment can sit for days until brought up at an appropriate time when to bring it up and proclaim the author of the blog a racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe/islamophobe who is the type of person who would put puppies in a blender.

While that kind of tactic has little effect on regular readers it can be used to discourage future ones and with a living based on tip jar hits and advertisers it can have a very damaging effect on long term growth.

It’s hopefully not a conceit for me to conclude this was the latter, but you dear reader can make up your own mind, but to Bill E Bobb of twitter fame I say: Better Luck next time.

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