Voices of the Candidates Mike Sullivan at the Michael Graham Event

I spoke to Mass. GOP Senate candidate Mike Sullivan at the “How to save the GOP event” hosted by Michael Graham.

Full disclosure I endorsed Sullivan last week, but I also interviewed his opponents here.

I like that Sullivan isn’t bending or equivocating on these issues and his direct approach is very refreshing and his realism on spending is something tat this state and this country needs in the Senate.

And let’s be blunt to all those who want me to change based on social issues. Abortion is an intrinsic evil, cooperation in an intrinsic evil is a mortal sin, period.

If there is no pro-life candidate I’ll pick the best choice on other issues but a faithful & believing catholic is not going to commit a mortal sin in the hopes of taking an election issue off the table and anyone who thinks they would are idiots.

You can donate to his campaign here.

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