It’s a Trap! Pat Toomey Ted Kennedy & Danegeld Edition

“…if there is one thing I’ve learned in politics, it’s never turn your back on a crumb.”

Hubert Humphrey 1957

No matter what you think of Ted Kennedy his effectiveness as a senator can’t be seriously questioned.

The secret to his success was twofold.

1. Personality, Ted Kennedy could be very personable to his fellow senators. Kennedy was willing and able to build personal relationships across the aisle. He made a point to make friends because that personal friendship was something he could call upon if needed a vote.

2. Patience: He understood that the Constitution in general and the Senate in particular was designed to move slowly. Kennedy knew that public reaction to the changes he wanted to make in society were not possible if rushed. So he made it a point over a long career to move things slowly, taking small pieces tucked into laws, making incremental change through deals.

These two factors made Ted Kennedy the most effective advocate of the religion he faithfully followed all his life,  liberalism

And that brings us to the Toomey/Manchin deal.

A lot of people on the next yesterday considered Senator Toomey’s actions a betrayal for political reasons. For the sake of this argument let’s, as a caveat make the assumption that the senator is working under the best of possible intentions and let’s even make the assumption (as I haven’t read the bill yet) that said bill is not unreasonable.  This may or may not be true but play the game.

Even if we take all that as a given this bill has three traps for the GOP.

1.  More More More:

In the midnight hour she cried more more more

Billy Idol “Rebel Yell” 1983

 This is the Kennedy plan, the left will take this bill and use it as the basis for going just a little bit farther the next time, maybe with a slight amendment.  Once the bill and the law is on the books it will be a little thing:  “We aren’t making a new gun law, just a tiny amendment to the “loophole” in the Toomey/Manchin bill that we all KNOW was reasonable.

That is the line that is going to be taken and it will be though that opening will come all that the left wants and is unable to get through now will someday pass through.

2.  Blaidd Drwg squared

9th Doctor:  This station is designed to explode the minute it reaches capacity

Doctor Who:  Boom Town 2005

If anyone watched Chris Matthews yesterday with the daughter of one of the teachers who were killed at Newtown and talking about her calls to people like Ted Cruz concerning Manchin/Toomey you would think that if only Manchin/Toomey her mother might be alive.  They played a lovely violin not a dry eye in the house. The urgency of doing something for the sake of doing something is so important that nobody is bothering to ask the young lady the question that really means something.

“How would this law have saved your mother’s life if it was in effect?”

The didn’t ask this question because the left knows the answer is “It Wouldn’t!” and I’m sorry to say the young lady knows that answer is the right one too.  (As opposed to my plan which WOULD have saved her mother life )   This plan like the Blaidd Drwg reactor is designed to fail and not only will it fail it will fail spectacularly and everybody involved in this debate knows it.  That’s one of the reasons why smart people on the right will oppose it.  Oddly that’s also the reason why the left will embrace it so closely?  Why, because of #3…


Spock: Mister Oxmyx, I understood we had an arrangement, a truce.

Oxmyx: I was hoping you’d think that, dummy.

Star Trek:  A Piece of the action 1968

One of the things we are constantly hearing from Joe “I’m a conservative, really I am” Scarborough is if we don’t get something passed we are going to pay a political price.  This implies that giving the left this victory will give us a reward, that the mainstream media will give the GOP credit for taking action.

Not only will the GOP not get any credit (all credit will go to Barack Obama) but when this bill fails to prevent the next shooting, which it won’t,  the GOP will be blamed again and this entire cycle will be repeated.

The idea that we just go along this issue will be off the table is the old argument about paying the DaneGeld as Kipling put it:

once you have paid him the Dane-geld

You never get rid of the Dane

That Senator Toomey is a part of this nonsense is a shame, that Senator Manchin is a part of it is no surprise to anyone who has paid any attention since he was first elected.

Bottom line, this entire process is a trap, a trap being laid for the right and for those who are easily spooked by the media.  The question becomes: will the Establishment GOP fall for it?


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