Time to Occupy Beyonce and Jay-Z

Watching this Jay-Z and Beyoncé Cuba theater play out, I can’t help but wonder why on earth we don’t have Occupy groups protesting in front of their New York condo.  Consider the theme of the Occupy movement with its ongoing tirade about the so-called 1% who supposedly have no consideration for the little guy, or in their terms, the 99%.

Now, let’s take a look at Beyoncé and Jay Z.  First of all, they decide to travel to Cuba.  I don’t know what real rigors it takes to get approval from the Treasury department, and I don’t know if the White House was involved or not (though Jay-Z insinuates it was), but I have to think that just about any government bureaucrat (especially in the Obama administration) would approve these two based on name recognition alone.

Once approved for travel, the famous couple makes their journey and is shown walking the streets and waiving at people, smiling and carefree.  They are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary in a Communist country known for human rights violations.  Okay, but did they at least speak out about the state of affairs in Cuba?  Of course not.  There is no evidence that they are even aware that anything is amiss in their vacation spot.

From Human Rights Watch (HRW.org):

Cuba remains the only country in Latin America that represses virtually all forms of political dissent. The government of Raúl Castro continues to enforce political conformity using short-term detentions, beatings, public acts of repudiation, travel restrictions, and forced exile. Although the Cuban government released dozens of political prisoners on the condition that they leave the country, the government continues to sentence dissidents in closed, summary trials. The government has also relied increasingly upon arbitrary arrests and short-term detentions to restrict the basic rights of its critics, including the right to assemble and move freely.

Upon returning to the U.S. and observing the criticism by those who recognize that this was really a thoughtless trip by two people who actually have the sort of influence (and money) to do some good if they chose to, Jay-Z decides to lash out in an “Open Letter” rap slamming those who dare question them (which cannot be repeated here as it is filled expletives.  Ahhh, the “art” of a rapper.).

This self-appointed royal couple (who just bought an Island in the Caribbean, by the way.  Here in Dallas, local DJs were explaining what a “necessary” purchase the island is since the poor couple can’t go anywhere without being recognized, so naturally they had to buy an island) are either naïve, intentionally ignorant, or willfully disrespectful.  None of these is desirable.

Either way, I say it is time to Occupy the rich and famous, especially the ones who make fools of themselves in other countries.  Let’s send the masses to Justin Bieber’s house for his recent bumbling trip to England.  Let’s send crowds to visit Dennis Rodman’s pad for his visit to North Korea (though I think a lot of Americans think he probably should have just stayed over there).

I never bought into the 1% vs. 99% premise, but maybe that’s only because the definition was wrong.  It isn’t Wall Street bankers that are out of touch, it is the self-appointed royalty of the world.  They rise to fame here, taking every advantage that capitalism has to offer (though most of them could never articulate that) and then go make fools of themselves abroad (to be fair, they always make fools of themselves here first, maybe just as practice).

I’ll start making picket signs and maybe we can organize some buses.  Who is with me?

Lisa @ AmericaisConservative.org