Manchin/Toomey Falls Winners & Losers

What a difference three days Makes

Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Toomey Manchin was destined to pass because it was a 90-10 issue?

Apparently it wasn’t as 90-10 as they thought:

After much lobbying and fan fare, the Toomey-Manchin expanded background check amendment has failed. The amendment needed 60 votes to pass, but fell short with only 54 votes.

There are many winners and losers. The first winner of course is the American People but lets talk political winners and losers.

The Biggest winners are the democrats from Red States who voted against and can hold up this vote as an example that they stood strong for gun rights in a tough election season, the left would like to primary them but bottom line they know it won’t happen.

2nd on the list is the NRA that every single media outlet was proclaiming dead and weakening just a few days ago. This victory solidifies their position as a group not to be messed with.

Another Big Winner, John McCain his vote for the Amendment has guaranteed him positive media coverage for the rest of his tenure and gives him a chance to push Benghazi without being silenced by the media. It will hurt him with conservatives but that doesn’t bother him.

Tea Party & 2nd Amendment Groups are winners as well, left for dead they were able to mobilize the votes to defeat Harry Reid in the face of the MSM & Mayor Bloomberg’s millions.

For Pat Toomey it’s a mixed bag, It puts the left, Bloomberg and the media in a box because he advanced the amendment. It will make it slightly harder come election time to oppose him (they’ll eventually manage to anyway) but for at least a short period of time he will escapes their wrath. If he can avoid a primary challenge he might just get by.

It’s a mixed Bag for Bloomberg as well, he fails to force the bill’s passage and is put in a position to oppose democrats who opposed it but it guarantees him plenty of MSM attention during the next election cycle which is what he really wanted all along anyway

The list of losers starts with the Citizens Committee For the Right to Keep and Bear Arms which supported this bill until just a few hours before the vote. Pro-gun people will not forget their initial support nor will the media forget them changing sides.

However Gun Control Groups will continue to be able to send out fundraiser after fundraiser from frantic leftists afraid of armed conservatives.

Lawmakers in marginal state districts who supported local control measures thinking the nation would go along are losers because now they become targets big time.

The media is a big loser, they pushed this deal but with the events of Boston overshadowing all they just couldn’t continue the press.

The President is a huge loser, he invested a lot of attention into this bill but couldn’t even bring his entire senate caucus along with him.

The biggest losers are the Newtown families who supported this bill. They let themselves be talked into supporting this bill wasting their gravitas on a measure that wouldn’t have saved a single one of their loved ones and then suffered the humiliation of defeat. They were used by the left and will be discarded by them as soon as the final bit of advantage is wrung from them. I feel bad for them, both for the loss of their loved ones and for being taken advantage of by Democrat gun grabbers at the time they were most vulnerable. Rather disgusting.

What’s next? We wait until the left attempts to strike again, and be ready to fight, because if you think for one minute this is the last time they will give this a shot, you are sadly mistaken.