For a long, healthy life: Eat your bacon

For those of you counting calories, here is something to smile about.  This 105-year-old woman from Texas claims that eating bacon each day has helped her live a long life.  From

Cantrell does not need a cane or a walker and was still driving her own car at 104 years old until a bout of sickness in September of 2012.

“She had gone dancing just last October,’’ her daughter said. “This year she danced on her birthday. It’s unbelievable. And she still wants bacon for breakfast every day, so we take turns where I cook it for her at my house or she cooks it at her house.”

Cantrell gave birth to eight children, one of whom died at 9 months old, and five of the seven children she raised are still alive. When she wasn’t snacking on bacon at home, she would often get it at her favorite restaurant, the Little Yellow Duck in Richland Springs. She still eats two slices every morning for breakfast and sometimes also has two slices for lunch.

If you don’t like bacon, here are some more tips for a long life from other centenarians.  Among them:

Eat the same thing each day

Do what you love

Participate in extreme sports

Do what you want and eat what you want (and don’t exercise)

Drink Scotch

Some pretty good ideas.  I think I’ll start with the bacon.

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