Obama’s Lack Of Leadership Apparent

What a week this has been in the MSM! Between Benghazi hearings, the enormous Department of Justice power grab, and the IRS targeting conservative groups, one thing has become clearly apparent: Obama is not a leader. The government is falling apart under his command. While many may argue this could be a good thing, I think what we are seeing is a lack of accountability and multiple ethical violations piling up. One after another, we are obtaining evidence that when Obama said transparency, he really meant cloaked scandal. When he talked of helping the American public, he was speaking of his donors. And when we were promised that Obamacare was the answer, it gives us a pretty good idea of what the question was (hint: what’s the next poorly run federal governmental entity?)

As many of you, I was heartbroken when Mitt Romney lost his bid for presidency. What a different world this would be! One of the statements my father made was that Obama would have to live with the consequences of his poor leadership. He has blamed Bush for 5 years. At some point, that song and dance has an end. Now, the scandals are piling up. With the recent AP debacle, hopefully, even the media can be mad enough to get on board and report what is happening in the White House instead of burying stories.

What’s unfortunate, is that in all the scandal, real lives have been impacted. Real lives in Benghazi. Real people targeted and impacted by the IRS. Real sources compromised. Lives are affected by each of Obama’s blunders.

Rebecca @ Americaisconservative.org