The Obama Inoculation

Don’t tell me words don’t matter

Barack Obama Feb 16th 2008

As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs.

attributed to Johann Tetzel

Craig: The Balliols will kiss his ass, so we must.

Braveheart 1995

As the various Obama scandals continue to percolate (not that people know what percolate means anymore) there seems to be one constant when it come to this president, his approval rating.

In one sense that is not all that odd, this president maintained his numbers through four of the worst economic years of the half century of my life, he maintained his popularity despite pushing through what might be the single most unpopular piece of legislation that has ever been brought before the American people and passed by a congress, albeit without a single GOP vote.

So given that start it’s not all that unusual that the IRS Scandal, the AP Scandal and especially the Benghazi Scandal have not seriously affected his overall approval.

Mind you the people aren’t giving him high marks on actual performance, the majority continues to think the country is in the wrong direction, and is not convinced of the president’s explanations for them.

The sight of people taking the 5th before congress, of Americans describing persecution by the IRS,  the changing Benghazi stories where Americans died and the attempt to play a member of the press as a terrorist accomplice without cause instinctively rubs Americans the wrong way.

Yet the president’s approval remains in the high 40’s to low 50’s there is clearly a floor to the president’s approval rating and no amount of scandal or failure can puncture it.

The question is why?

I’ve given this a lot of thought and am forced to conclude people aren’t so much supporting Barack Obama as they are justifying themselves & inoculating themselves

During the election of 2008 it seemed the entire world was caught up into the idea that a not even one term senator and a state legislator with a record of missing votes coming from the most corrupt political machine in the county was going to lead the country to an incredible future.

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough many also believed that the Election of Barack Obama would  permanently make race issues a thing of the past.

Five years later both of those statements seem so absurd that even the farthest left of democrats are not willing to say it.

And when it became apparent that Barack Obama was over his head came the excuses:

The presidency was too big a job (never mind that over 3 dozen men managed it under worse circumstances than he)

The opposition was obstructing him (never mind that every president since Carter faced at least 4 years of a house of congress against him)

The  Tea Party, or Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck were opposing him (Never mind that every republican president since the 60’s has had a united media uniformly opposing him)

it didn’t matter what Barack Obama did, because he was trying, REALLY HARD.

and if you didn’t support him, well we all knew the reason why:


That isn’t a tweet from 2008, that’s a tweet from today five years later. After all the scandal, after all the failure, after five years of the worst economy most living Americans have seen this is still where we are with an affirmative action hire who can not be critiqued without being branded as a racist.

People seriously thought they were done with this, and we are still hearing these world expressed publicly and not just by individuals on twitter but on national programs to a national audience.

And if this is what is being said to the general public, what is being said on alternative media, in black media, how many people seriously believe that all of this is a conspiracy to bring down the first black president because of the color of his skin.

And it’s something people can relate to, in every bureaucracy there are people that can’t be touched, people who have relatives in the right places, people who have slept their way to the top, or people who if you say a word about them will lead to your doom.  Much easier to get on with your work, nod and smile.

One of the principles of liberalism that we have seen over and over again is virtue is not based on what you do, it’s based on what you say, what you express.   You can have all the wealth you want, but if you express support for the Occupy Movement you care about the poor, you can have the largest carbon footprint in the world, but if you believe in global warming or carbon taxes you are saving the earth.

And likewise in reverse if you believe the wrong thing, or say the wrong thing it doesn’t matter what you actually do, your words condemn you in their eyes.

The American people are too distracted, too exhausted and too busy just trying to get by in Obama’s brave new world to want to deal with this.  They just want that indulgence back.

I think that segment of the public who doesn’t like the way things are going refuse to publicly hold Obama Responsible for anything period.  So they’ll carry on and wait. They’ll happily accept the indulgence the professional left will give them while they gripe privately out of earshot hoping they can wait out the rest of the term out without trouble.

And we will pay for it.


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