…then Obama came for the Downloaders

Cobb: From what I’ve seen, Paden doesn’t care about money. He says he doesn’t care about anything, but he does. There’s just no tellin’ what it’s gonna be.

Silverado 1985

For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

Luke 12:34

Yesterday while driving with my son’s we listened to Michael Graham ask an interesting question.

Looking at the President’s sudden drop in popularity among youth, the question became why?

You have a lousy economy where college students and high school ones have no prospect work, but we had that for 4 years and they still voted for him.

You have Obamacare but the young now increasingly living on their parents insurance have not been affected, except for the cutting of some hours.

You have Benghazi but with so few young people serving that might as well be a video game.

The IRS scandal?   You have to actually have a job and paying taxes to worry about the IRS and with the young so disengaged how many ARE involved in the tea party or even know what that’s about?

But the NSA scandal:  THAT they understand.

Young people spend their entries lives on the net or smartphones. When not in the nearly quaint act of calling they are texting or surfing or downloading (legally and illegally).

So now think of it. The NSA scandal means that Barack Obama’s people have access to every call, every download and every peep on the net and even a low information voter can’t miss that the entertainment industry absolutely loves this president.

And while the youth might not care about the implications of silencing the Tea Party or dead navy seals but they know that industry and they how much they want stiff penalties for illegal downloads.

My son told me he has friends who have been downloading movies and songs for years who literally are afraid of using their computers since the NSA scandal broke.

To old fogies like me who doesn’t think .99 cents for a song is a big deal it’s the least of our worries in term of the NSA and other scandals but while we’re busy fighting on immigration the young kids have noticed stories like this:

The US Supreme Court refused Monday to take up the case of a woman ordered to pay a $220,000 fine for illegally downloading music off the internet.

The country’s top court upheld without comment the verdict against Jammie Thomas-Rasset in the long-running, high-profile digital piracy case.

…and seen themselves.  The woman in that story could be any one of them.

Of course the president could solve that problem by pushing for laws loosing up download rules, but if you thought the entertainment industry moved the White House on Gay Marriage that’s nothing to how they’ll howl if anything is done to loosen the copyright rules that puts money in their pockets.

The youth of America are disengaged and disinterested but when the generation that’s living with their parents,  can’t pay their college loans and won’t get hired full time to avoid Obamacare see the possibility of fines they can never pay for laws they KNOW they’ve broken they notice.


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