Matt Smith as The Doctor in Order: S5 EP: 11 The Lodger

The latest in my series of Reviews of the Matt Smith Doctor Who years Summary:  Craig Owens gets the strangest roommate a man can ever get. Plot: Something is very wrong with Time, Amy is trapped in the Tardis and it all centers around Craig Owens apartment, can the Doctor Work it out before Amy … Continue reading Matt Smith as The Doctor in Order: S5 EP: 11 The Lodger

Subscription Commentary Marriage & Mismanagement

This is going up a tad late but last weeks' subscription commentary is called Marriage & Mismanagement Care to see the whole thing? There are two ways: hit DaTipJar: And as soon as I see the e-mail I'll send you the link to the commentary Of course if you want to get them every week … Continue reading Subscription Commentary Marriage & Mismanagement

Christianity in a Nutshell

The Pope really nailed it in his angelus message: The Holy Father explained that both of these disciplines, service and prayer are needed to serve the Lord, “they are not two opposing attitudes but, on the contrary both are two aspects essential to our Christian life aspects that should never be separated, but lived in … Continue reading Christianity in a Nutshell