Help Wanted: Mika Burger $15 hr Starting Pay.

ThisYesterday morning on Morning Joe Mika touted they would be at a protest Aug 29th in Detroit pushed by Rep Keith Ellison: (Emphasis Mine)

“They’re very effective,” says U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “They’ve brought attention to appalling conditions with workers putting in very long hours … and not making enough money to survive. This I think is scandal. .. We believe it’s essential to be paid livable wages. We know the companies can afford it. These are highly profitable businesses. It would be good not just for the family budget but for the national budget.”

Mika seemed to agree that the businesses could afford it although Joe Scarborough was not so impressed.

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Lucky for all there is a really simple way for Morning Mika and her entire crowd to prove their point over Joe.  It’s a simple three-step process

1. Acquire a fast food franchise, here is info on McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s a tad more expensive than McD or BK:

2. Hire Workers at $15 dollars an hour, in this economy this should be a piece of cake.

3. Watch the money pour in.

I’m sure a bunch of high-powered and well-connected people like Mika can come up with the franchise fees and an experienced marketing man like Donny Deutsch can make it profitable no matter how many other McDonalds, Burger Kings or Wendy’s paying $9 or less near by.

If this can be done and at a profit then these folks shouldn’t just be doing it to prove a point, they should be JUMPING at the chance to get themselves the easy money from a profitable franchise and help people workers at the same time.

Of course it might be much harder for Mika , Donnie, Mike Barnicle et/al after all the easiest business to run is somebody else’s.

Update: This post was originally scheduled for last night but a last-minute change moved it to this morning & I forgot to change the “This morning” to “yesterday” at the top, fixed.


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