The Patriots Lose An “A” Intangible at QB

One of the best baseball simulation games out there is Dynasty Baseball. It’s a face to face simulation where unlike most fantasy game you serve as manager doing everything from warming relievers in the bullpen to deciding if you are bringing in that infield with the tying run on third.

In league play you are also a general manager drafting players and building your team based all the factors a real GM has, is that fly ball pitcher a good fit for your park with the short left field porch and winds that tend to blow out? Do you draft that starting shortstop that gobbles up everything in reach for the double play who can’t hit his weight or the fellow who will let those balls get through the infield but send some balls over the fence when batting. Do you carry that 3rd catcher, that pinch-hitting specialist or and extra left-handed reliever for that 25th roster spot.

The most interesting factor to judge in the game is morale.

Each player in the game has a morale rating from A-F (C being average) A & B morale players add to your teams morale score while D & F players subtract it.

It doesn’t happen often but once in a while a result will come up based on team morale. The difference between positive & negative morale can be penalties for multiple series or a bonus for the same length of time.

If you’ve built your team and you find yourself in negative ground or neutral ground with one more spot to fill getting a person with just enough positive morale to move you up from negative to neutral or neutral to positive and make all the difference to your season.

And that dear friends takes us to Tim Tebow and the New England Patriots decision to release him.


Forget the team’s 3-0 record in games that he appeared in. Forget that he not only has a record of winning but the one time when he delivered under center was in the 4th quarter when the pats where down. forget even that he is a big guy that could be used on 3rd down or even 4th down plays slotted at RB. who does the defense cover?

What Tim Tebow did this preseason was give the press something to talk and obsess about that had nothing to do with the Aaron Hernandez trial. He gave everyone quotable quotes and as always carried himself as an excellent example in a clubhouse at a time when it was most valuable.

The Hernandez Trial is going to continue rolling on as the season progresses and while there is 0% chance that Tim Tebow would replace Tom Brady at QB in any situation with the game on the line consider this….

Imagine a week when the case is moving forward, every single player would be pestered with questions, particularly if the previous week the patriots receivers didn’t have so good a game. The radio talk will be all Hernandez and story after story in the press.

Now imagine the same week if on one or two third down play Tebow goes into the backfield. Maybe he takes a direct snap, maybe he doesn’t but suddenly every question is going to be all about Tebow, the press will be all around and every sports talk network will start the week asking about Tebow on 3rd downs and will end the week with them speculating if it will happen the next week.

The papers will still cover the Hernandez trail. There will still be stories in the papers…and nobody will notice.

With the season about to start the relative value of such a distraction is fairly small, once things are rolling it might be incalcuable.

Of course there is nothing stopping the Pats from signing Tebow back during the season if the Hernandez stuff heats up. Now THAT would be a story stopper.

And it certainly would generate a bunch of comments at the Huffington Post