Answer: Always Assume they are Lying About or Spinning the Pope’s Words

Q: What is the best way to deal with the MSM’s reports on this or any Pope.

I’m going to have a longer post on Sunday but a quick comment.

I was driving with DaWife South through Scarborough Maine when I heard an ABC News report about the comments of the Pope supposedly condemning the church obsessing on Abortion or Gay Marriage. I normally don’t react aloud to that kind of stuff but I surprised DaWife by bluntly saying aloud “They’re liars.”

It would not be until yesterday that I actually read the article in question and confirmed this but as their record with both Francis & Benedict has been one of malfeasance and mendacity worthy of the Kimberlin Crowd the best advice I can give to any Catholic is to do the following if they ever hear of any such thing.

1. Say Aloud the media is lying.

2. Find the original source they are misquoting if not possible turn on EWTN radio or TV until further notice.

and if at all in doubt remember the church serves the Prince of Peace while our worldly press serves a different prince.

Remember that and you’ll be fine.

Update: removed the additional “in Maine”


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