DaTechGuy on DaRadio Saturday Noon Till 2 EST Professors Polling and more

Tomorrow at noon while the rest of Massachusetts is either in Boston cheering or watching Boston celebrate on TV I will be in the studio bringing you DaTechGuy on DaRadio

Tomorrow we will talk with Professor Janine Parry about the polls in Arkansas that foreshadowed the new poll concerning the Democrats reported in Mother Jones:

In Democratic districts, net incumbent approval has plummeted by 11 points, from +8 approval to +3 disapproval. In Republican districts, incumbent approval has gone down only 4 points. You see the same results when they ask a question about warmth of feeling toward incumbents: It’s down 7 points in Republican districts and 9 points in Democratic districts.

This isn’t good news for Democrats. It’s true that attitudes toward the Republican Party have taken a bigger hit than attitudes toward the Democratic Party, but attitudes toward actual incumbents are exactly the opposite. And in elections, that’s what matters.

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