Nobody Tells me to Delay Signature HealthCare Plan, NOBODY!

Britt: Nobody throws me my own guns and says run. Nobody.

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It’s T-24 hours since the Election in Virginia and I have little sympathy for the voters who did this to themselves and like Rush I am very disappointed at the opportunity the GOP establishment threw away in VA when we had the chance to put an exclamation point on the box Ted Cruz put the left in vis-a-vis Obamacare:

However now that we’ve had a day to vent which is good for the spleen, but now it’s the next day and that means it’s time to look at where we are and take advantage of the situation.

And that brings us to Virginia and NJ once again.

Yesterday we stated is that the Tea Party Candidate lost narrowly because the GOP didn’t fund him against a Democrat money machine, Chris Christie didn’t support him and the GOP activists abandoned him.

Today lets look at the other side of the coin.

With the GOP not supporting him, Chris Christie not appearing for him, the Democrats not only outspending him but financing a 3rd party candidate to take votes from him Ken Cuccinelli erased a 10 point deficit and came within a few days of defeating Terry McAuliffe.

How is this possible, how can that be? The clue to the answer also appears in the exit polls of Chris Christie’s victory in NJ

nj poll

NJ is a state with a huge advantage in registration for democrats. Not only did Democrats outnumber Republicans by 12 points the electorate was only 28% republicans.

Yet in that state Obamacare polls unfavorable 50-48 with 34% STRONGLY opposing him.

Democrats running next year know what this means:

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and other senior administration officials met privately at the White House on Wednesday with frustrated Senate Democrats facing reelection in 2014 to discuss the botched Obamacare rollout.

The two-hour meeting comes as the Obama administration and congressional Democrats work to assess the political fallout from the health care overhaul’s troubled implementation. Lawmakers passed on the frustration expressed by their constituents and the White House walked through their steps to repair the program.

Cuccinelli’s defeat gives them some degree of public deniability but Allahpundit’s headline from HotAir nails it perfectly:

Panic room: Frustrated Senate Dems up for reelection next year meet with Obama, Biden over ObamaCare debacle


Thanks to Ted Cruz the idea of delaying Obamacare is a tough slag for the administration, it was just yesterday Sebelius insisted Delay was not an option.

Meanwhile in NH:

and Louisiana


Bottom line Obamacare almost elected Ken Cuccinelli despite the best efforts of the GOP establishment & the left. Jay Carney not withstanding not withstanding sooner or later Democrats running in 2014 are going to have to choose between Obama and their own self interest. If the GOP is smart they will make that decision as difficult and as costly as possible.


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Oh and this is likely the only time in history that Barack Obama will paraphrase James Coburn