Obamascare: Mary Landreu’s “Scheduling Conflicts”

Harry:  Come on, Lee. They wanna get killed? Let ´em.

Chris:  Go ahead, Lee. You don´t owe anything to anybody.

Lee:  Except to myself.

The Magnificent Seven 1960

How scared are democrats running for re-election in 2014 of Obamacare, this scared:

Jindal and Mayor Landrieu are scheduled to meet Obama at the airport before an event at the Port of New Orleans. Mary Landrieu had a scheduling conflict and will not go to the port.

and even funnier

[GOP Gov]Jindal said he would accompany Obama on the tour if he is invited.

Let me get this straight the Republican Governor of Louisiana has time to travel with and be seen with Barack Obama but the Democrat Senator up for re-election does not?

Be Afraid Democrats, be very afraid

Update: USA today

some political analysts suggest that the decision to skip the speech might be motivated in part by a desire to avoid images of her standing side-by-side with Obama, which Republicans could use in advertising later on. Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness, an Air Force veteran, have announced they will run for the GOP nomination against Landrieu.

“I think any image of her with him would be used by Cassidy over and over and over again,” Kirby Goidel, director of the Public Policy Research Center at Louisiana State University, told The Times-Picayune. “If I were on the Cassidy team, I would try to turn her into Barack Obama.”

Yea good thing Senator Landrieu stood with Harry Reid and Barack Obama to stop a delay of Obamacare.


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