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Last night I sent out a blast e-mail to my readers promoting the post of my Magnificent Seven. I got a reply from old friend Jerry Wilson of Goldfish & clowns that said:

Can I call myself The Unasked Eighth? 😀

He has a point, between my own problems and the launching of various things I’ve been remiss in linking other bloggers so….

There is Neo Neocon who isn’t sharing the joy

On one level, the events of the last few weeks have been deeply satisfying. Who wouldn’t feel a certain vindication in seeing one’s predictions come true, and watch the perpetrators running for cover? But I’m having a lot of trouble feeling the requisite joy, because I’m not at all sure that the fundamentals have changed.

At Pundit & Pundette they highlighted a video in a post called:

Video: How Obamacare is Hurting Families with Chronically Ill Kids

Cynthia Yockey talks about some forgotten victims of Obamacare

People with chronic illnesses, or complicated healthcare needs, are going to die because Obamacare forced them out of their relationships with their current doctors. That’s because a wealth of information that can never be put into a chart will be lost and they don’t have the time and resilience to start over with new ones. Conservative groups opposed to Obamacare would be smart to collect their stories and not let them die in vain.

The Anchoress brilliant as always is appreciating a Protestant Icon

As I got older, though, I grew to admire Graham. In high school I read one of his books (don’t ask me, I don’t remember the title) and that got me curious enough to read about him. One of the first things I appreciated about this man — who once said “Women need a reason for having sex, men just need a place” — was how shrewdly he protected himself against being put in positions that could give rise to gossip, conjecture, or charges of impropriety, (and thus undermine or jeopardize his ministry). From an early point in his work, if he was in a room with a woman who was not his wife or a family member, all the doors would remain open.

At the Fog of law they talk the high cost of living:

One of the problems with modern life is that it’s really expensive to get out of bed in the morning.  By that, I mean non-negotiable, everyday expenses that are a part of being alive: housing, food, gas to go buy your food, electricity, oil if you have a furnace, and health insurance or health care. That is before we’ve had any fun, paid off any student loans or other debt, or even driven to our jobs.

At America is Conservative Rebecca got out

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend an event called Time Out For Women. It was a weekend filled with music and lectures focused on helping women raise our thoughts and actions to a higher plane. While there was so much good that was discussed, one speaker in particular sounded the battle cry for women to protect the family. Merrilee Boyack is an attorney, author, speaker, and former city council-woman who encouraged us to stand for our religious freedom, and more specifically, the family. Her recent book is entitled Standing Up in a Sit Down World.

The Chicks on the right aren’t impressed with NYC’s decisions

I have to say – I was a little let down.  You see it in the movies and hear about the “Big Apple” and figure it’s going to be this wondrous place that’s representative of America.  But not so much these days.  I just remember feeling claustrophobic, first off, and I felt as if I needed to take a really long shower when I got home. With a side of Purel.

No offense, New Yorkers.  It just is what it is.

Thoughts and ravings has little sympathy for that mother in New Mexico:

Sorry, but Reason magazine is full of crap on this one; this woman broke the law and paid the price for it. The only person that is to blame for this woman’s kids getting shot at; is Oriana Ferrell and that is the only person who should be blamed.

And the Weapons man is not impressed with the Swiss:

Going through some of the high-minded but empty-headed writings of the Small Arms Survey, an NGO sponsored by a Swiss do-gooder institute that’s an offshoot of the League of Nations that prevented European war (wait… what?) one is shocked by some of the moronic drivel written there. All the usual suspects of hack advocacy are there: “many experts say” without naming one such expert; “it is generally accepted” followed by some tendentious, extreme, and woolly-headed assertion; or “the peer-reviewed literature generally” prior to repeating some assumption that underlies a raft of bad research.

It is hackery wrapped in bad faith,  shackled by an anchor chain of dishonesty to an anchor of cold-rolled fable, and then dropped into the trackless depths of the Sea of Lies, taking you along for the ride if you’re so unwise as to latch on.

Fishersville Mike is short and to the point:

I’m beginning to think it’s possible that the geniuses behind Obamacare honestly believed that people would love the new product, so there would be no fuss about it. In other words, it wasn’t a conspiracy, they’re just more stupid than I ever imagined, and that’s saying something.

Conservative Hideout tells a dog bits man story:

I know, this could well be classified under ‘Duh,” but a gay website has fully endorsed and admitted that their goal in education is to indoctrinate children.  Here are some excerpts… Warning:  Content inappropriate for children!-Matt Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Kids?

And Peg Crunches the Numbers:

Still want the minimum wage raised – or – have it at all?

There are nine countries with a minimum wage (Belgium, Netherlands, Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Luxembourg).  Their unemployment rates range from 5.9% in Luxembourg to 27.6% in Greece.  The median country is France with 11.1% unemployment.

There are nine countries with no minimum wage (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland.)  Five of the nine have a lower unemployment rate than Luxembourg, the best of the other group.  The median country is Iceland, with a 5.5% unemployment rate. The biggest country in Europe is Germany.  No minimum wage and 5.2% unemployment.

and let’s finish with Goldfish and Clowns who is the cause of this post dealing with crickets and Conscience

Having a conscience, particularly one guided by the Spirit, is a good thing. It tells us that yes, the ends never justify the means. It instructs us that honesty, even it is its only reward, is a reward always worth the effort to obtain. It lets us know that popularity, success and acclaim, even among our peers, are false gods whenever they either become our main objective or are obtained through deception and duplicity. In short, a conscience is a terrible liability in politics.

Sometimes when you are so busy with your own stuff you miss a lot of other things going on out there.  While I encourage you to come here every day and kick in whenever possible, don’t forget the other voices and perspectives out there that are worth thinking about.



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