Senate Dems go Nuclear the GOP should go Sicilian

Sir Guy: No only has she consorted with this Saxon rebel, found guilty of outlawing, theft, murder addiction, and high treason but she has betrayed her own Norman people. Are you not ashamed My Lady Marion? Maid Marion: Yes I am, bitterly, but it's a shame that I'm a Norman ater seeing the things my … Continue reading Senate Dems go Nuclear the GOP should go Sicilian

The New Tone Of Common Core

Those of us engaged in political debate know the term 'new tone'. We're used to seeing the hyperbolic, vitriol packed statements from legislators, talking heads and the like. Seeing people called racists, bigots, terrorists and worse have increasingly filled the airwaves and have been pounded out into articles and blogs all over the internet. Sadly, … Continue reading The New Tone Of Common Core

“This Conversation Never Happened”

We are all interested in your sources of information, Hornblower," prompted Cornwallis, apparently explaining something already asked.  Hornblower shook his head in a decisive negation; that was his instant reaction , before he could analyze the situation, and before he could wrap up a blunt refusal in pretty words. "No," he said, to back up … Continue reading “This Conversation Never Happened”