DaTechGuy on DaRadio The Senate is going Nuclear edition Noon EST

Penny: Is anyone gonna tell me what’s going on?

10th Doctor: What, you’re a journalist?

Penny: Yes.

10th Doctor: Well, make it up!

Doctor Who: Partners in Crime 2008


General Staal:Hah! The planet is going nuclear! I admire them. The bravery of idiots is bravery nonetheless.

Doctor Who: The Poison Key 2008

Today Doctor Who celebrates’ it’s 50th anniversary and  on DaTechGuy on DaRadio I complete my 3rd year on the Radio, and the first day of our new Post Nuclear Political world

We’ll be talking the whys and wherefores of the Nuclear Option in the Senate, how it is meant to be a distraction from the ship crashing and burning and the how the republicans should handle it and the Reporter/Master race.

In the Second Hour it’s DaTechGuy’s Panel with Fausta of My Magnificent Seven, old Friend Chip Jones, Joe back in the Studio with me and in the Bob Beckel Chair  Mike Hummell the Blue Barnstormer.

It will be  a lot of fun and I hope to see you there

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And the moment it is done, I’m going to jump into my car and somehow manage to go from Needham to Fitchburg in 45 min.  So if you are  a driver on 128 north or 2 west, please get out of the way, and if you are a State Policeman …I’d request mercy after all it only happens once every 50 years.