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Remember each week our panel recommends stories for the week, here is what they brought up:

Joe said we should look out for the results of the NSA panel due out the 15th here is a story from last month on it:

Working in secret like the programs they’re reviewing, five men with high-level security clearances and ties to President Barack Obama will soon deliver a report that’s likely to reshape U.S. government surveillance.

Must admit I wasn’t up on it

Juliette talked about education in California, this story is one that’s getting no press:

More attention must be paid to the California State University system and to the state’s community colleges if California is going to produce the educated workers its economy needs, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom says in a report set to be issued Tuesday.

The report commissioned by Newsom argues that the state is losing its place as a national leader in higher education.

One guess what the solution will be.

Dominic Nanni talked about the sale of the public art collection:

A federal judge ruled Dec. 3 that Detroit met the conditions for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Now a question that’s been simmering for months is coming to a boil: Should the Detroit Institute of Arts – one of the country’s finest art museums and perhaps the city’s greatest cultural asset – sell some or all of its collection to satisfy creditors?

I’m not a big fan of that idea, you can only sell it once and you can’t replace it and it won’t cover the debt.

Janet story is from

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s FISA Improvements Act1 would give the NSA even more authority to monitor our phone calls, text messages and every online move.2

It’s an awful piece of legislation and it must be stopped.

It’s very hard to get freedoms back once lost

And my story is about an interesting lack of memory at the IRS:

The top lawyer for the IRS in the midst of the congressional investigation swirling around the nation’s tax collectors and their admitted targeting of the Tea Party, has responded to a written inquiry, and managed to claim ignorance on 80 different responses, as reported by The Daily Mail of London, England on Dec. 4, 2013.

The willingness of the left to pretend this is no big deal is simply astounding.

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