Protest Scott Brown in NH, Win an AR-15

The good folks who support the 2nd Amendment in NH have a protest scheduled at the same time as Scott Brown’s “Holiday Party” (which “Holiday”, Arbor day?) at 5:30 at the HUNT MEMORIAL BUILDING 6 Main Street, Nashua, NH .  This event is going to be a call to oppose any candidate of any party who is anti second Amendment.

There is an impressive line up sponsoring this event according to Granite Grok including:

 The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, Gun Owners of NH, Second Amendment Sisters, Republican Liberty Caucus, Several State Legislators and several of NH’s leading Sporting Clubs

But as it’s Christmas Time, the season for giving they decided it was proper to give a gift and they have a special one for one lucky attendee an AR-15!

Here is how you win (again via Granite Grok)


and, MOST IMPORTANTLY…winner MUST be eligible to receive a NON-MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIANT AR-15 RIFLE. That’s right, this firearm CANNOT BE SOLD OR TRANSFERRED to a RESIDENT of Massachusetts or ANY OTHER state that restricts the size of magazines or the features on a firearm such as flash suppressors and collapsible stocks. We only raffle off guns that have the features Massachusetts based politicians like Scott Brown would prohibit if given the opportunity. The firearm will be transferred by Riley’s in FULL COMPLIANCE with (THIS) state’s and federal laws.

I guess I won’t be winning a Christmas gift for my Godson in Massachusetts but I can still cover the story.


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