Massachusetts Gaming Commission in Leominster Slots or No?

Tuesday the Massachusetts Gaming Commission met in Leominster Massachusetts for the final hearings on the location of a proposed slots parlor or the state.

I got there about an hour early and recorded a summary of the issues.

Two men with a batch of “No Slots in Leominster” signs showed up early.

The meeting was meant for people to from surrounding towns to comment on their agreements. Don Lowe Bolton’s Town administrator was one of them:

I also spoke to one of the Commissioners on the subject.

There were plenty of other people with opinions one way or the other Yvonne from Leominster was in favor

Chris from Leominster opposed

and Old Friend David Roth of Fitchburg was in favor:

I did one more shot before things got started.

When they did about 100 people were there many of them who arrived at the last minute.

They opened with the Mayor of Leominster and a greeting

A representative of ARC in Fitchburg spoke in favor

As did Fitchburg’s city solicitor

And people I knew such as Anthony Mercadante

and Charlie Valera a former advertiser

There were a few people who spoke against the slots such as this young man

and this woman

And they focused on the social costs

But the vast majority of speakers from this man who thought it would be good for infrastructure

And business owners like this one:

This Real Estate Agent

This gentleman

And David who we already spoke to

As people from Fitchburg were allowed to speak I took off my fedora and Scarf and spoke as a private citizen but I ws not in a position to film myself. You can see my remarks on the Leominster FATV site along with the hearing in full here. My remarks begin at 14:23.

The hearing lasted 45 minutes. My epilogue was here

The final decision will be made in the next 30 days as to which town will host the slots parlor but I’d like to close with this thought:

If Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun are laying off & having issues with two full-sized casinos. What makes anyone think that this will remain profitable once the local suckers are cleaned out?