Climate Change – Science or Ponzi Scheme? A Scientists Perspective

by Timothy Imholt

My name is Timothy and I am a scientist.  And I believe in climate change.

Of course that’s a little like saying I believe the earth is a sphere.  The word climate is all but synonymous with the word change.  Always has been, always will be.

In the SOTU, Obama said man made climate change is a fact and everyone agrees.

Except the data.  Data doesn’t care.  Data doesn’t care about grant funding.  Data doesn’t care about tenure granted by leftist review boards made up of English majors and political scientists.  Data doesn’t care that you have an agenda to control the economy, or rich contributors who make “green” energy products that you have to pay back.

Data just is.

Data says that the biggest factor in our climate is this little trivial thing known as our Sun.

Politicians– and so-called scientists looking for tenure or grants– seem to treat the Sun as irrelevant to our climate.  This, of course, is silly.  Experience a sunny day sometime.

Or think of it this way.  Is it just a coincidence that the coldest part of our globe is the farthest from the Sun, and the warmest is the closest?  Out of 92 MILLION miles, a few thousand miles makes the difference between tropical dangerous heat, and unlivable deadly cold.  There are other climate forces at work but at the basic level that is the difference.  Should the Sun be considered a force in climate?  I say yes, it should be at least put into the model, yet sadly in some models it is not.

Now, this would be irrelevant if the Sun were a constant, if it didn’t have cycles or never changed its intensity.  But that is NOT the case.

And the inconvenient data says that Earth’s temperature cycles mirror the Sun’s fluctuations.

About 10 years ago I published a paper, along with several very well-known theoretical physicists, in the peer reviewed journal Physical Review E.  In that paper we compared solar irradiance to global temperature cycles.  There was a shockingly accurate match.  Sun’s irradiance goes up, temperature goes up.  The alternative is also true.


Perhaps Barack Obama should forget holding back the tides like King Cnut by cutting back on coal-fired power plants and get his Solyndra pals to start working on a giant thermostat for the Sun.

It would do just about as much good.  Call it shovel ready rhetoric.

In science we always look for the fundamentals.  What is really behind some action or reaction.

In politics I say we should apply the same problem solving technique.

Let’s look at the proposed Carbon Credit Exchange.  In order for that entity to be viable from a financial perspective one must have the government requiring businesses and individuals to participate (sound familiar?).

Who owns it?

Well, not surprisingly Al Gore owns a large percentage of it, as do some investors he now works with.  I am all for profit making entities.  However, I am also for full disclosure.

Does former Vice President Gore bring this up when he is out pushing for these types of things?  I have never heard of him doing so.  Yet if the laws pass requiring the use of this exchange, VP Gore will become a billionaire, not just a multi-millionaire overnight.

Anyone see a motivating factor here for the former VP?

What I propose is that there is a REAL discussion on climate.  In that discussion both sides must be heard and both sides must bring real (not hockey stick faked) data.  Any data proven to be false must immediately throw the conclusions drawn on that data in the dust bin.

Once real, scientific, not emotional, non-political conclusions are drawn, then we decide a course of action.  But, as long as those pushing the agenda are taking campaign contributions or stand to directly profit I will continue to have doubts.

Now that I have written all of this, someone is probably saying I am pro-big business, pro-pollution, and the like.  Well, I am pro-big business because they employ people.  I am NOT pro-pollution because I like to go hiking, kayaking, etc as well.  But there must be honesty in our government.  There must also be financial responsibly in our government.  This issue of climate change is starting to look more and more like the worlds largest Ponzi scheme.  That must not be allowed while conclusions are NOT agreed upon by all scientists, contrary to the repeated statements by our elected officials.

Timothy Imholt PhD

Physicist by training, Engineer by paycheck, fiction writer for fun, and co-author of the critically acclaimed novel Forest of Assassins, as well as the China Bones series available now on Amazon.


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