DaTechGuy’s Field Guide to CPAC 2014 Bo Snerdley of the Rush Limbaugh Show

Last night I interviewed Bo Snerdley at the Louis Gohmert event

I’ve gotta tell you when you are trying to make it as a conservative radio talk host no interview short of Rush himself is as prized as getting face time with his right hand man Bo Snerdley

During the Q & A I asked him for advice as a person trying to make it in conservative radio, he said job #1 is be interesting. Well I’m doing my best


Olimometer 2.52

It’s Friday and with only 48 hours to go to the end of my pay-week my prospect for securing said pay appear bleak.

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Under normal circumstance an event with 10,000 potential subscribers should be a goldmine for my quest to pick up 61 more, however I am not in a position to solicit CPAC attendees in this way. (Though I just got a creative Idea as I’m typing this that I might try today or tomorrow.)

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