The DaTechGuy 2016 GOP Poison Poll

David: But if I don’t have it, how is it that I can see her and talk to her when no one else can?

Darryl: Exactly!

David: Exactly what?

Darryl: That’s the right question.

Just like Heaven 2005

Glenn Reynolds had a poll up on his site with a long list of possible GOP candidates likely and unlikely one could support.

While the poll was fun and interesting it’s really not the question the GOP needs to ask itself.

The biggest problem the GOP has is the potential of division and some of our potential 2016 candidates, either due to certain positions, temperament or offense they have given parts of the electorate are totally unacceptable to sections of the GOP/TeaParty coalition.

Before you scoff remember that even the prospect of a 2nd Obama turn was not enough to get some parts of the base to turn out for Mitt Romney. It’s vital that the party avoid that mistake again.

Therefore I have an alternative poll, what candidate, if any, would chase the base away?


[yop_poll id=”2″]

This is one poll you don’t want your candidate to win.

Update:  Added movie quote

Update 2: Per a reader request added Jeb Bush to the poll

Update 3: Updated the poll multiple answers are now working again so they can be used rather than just “other”


UPDATE Wednesday: (Since this poll will be on top till Saturday I’m updating the quest for the March Mortgage payment daily

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