Michael Graham to Atlanta, We Fight on

Today we got the word that Michael Graham will be leaving for Atlanta. While that's great news for Pastor George Kelly of my Magnificent Seven  (Who I hope Michael has on his show regularly) it's really bad news for us around here. The number of people willing to stand up and be counted on the … Continue reading Michael Graham to Atlanta, We Fight on

Mad Men’s somber final season opener

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz CONTAINS SPOILERS Unlike the prior season, this season's opener had me glued to the TV set from beginning to end. The episode is titled Time Zones, and Joel Murray as Freddy Rumsen opened it with an entrancing monologue (an ad for Accutron watches) that also serves both as a metaphor on … Continue reading Mad Men’s somber final season opener

Ukraine acts, will Russia?

You know his tactics; Your Excellency; A demand for concessions and when the concessions are granted then new demands each one more weakening than the one before, until the object of his attention is either too weak to oppose him further or is at least so weakened as to make armed resistance fatal. C. S. … Continue reading Ukraine acts, will Russia?